Sled dog holiday week tour

A full week of dog sledding in the forests around Kiruna means to drive an own sled pulled by 4-5 Alaskan Huskies and to feel day by day how you'll be growing together as a team. Moderate daily stages in unspoiled nature and clean fresh air; Cozy wilderness camps with wood heated stoves and candlelight; Hot saunas and good food. This is teamwork on all levels: You'll help your travelmates to chop firewood and bring water from holes in frozen lakes to the camps, you'll feed your team of dogs and help them in steep stages by kicking with one leg to push the sled. Few short steps out of the cabin at night and you might watch aurora borealis in the clear night sky. Basic life but good life. You'll be happy to explore the many forests, rivers, lakes and the tundra areas of Swedish Lapland. Ptarmigans, capercaillies, reindeer, moose and fox might cross the trail. The northern lights are clearly to see on many cloudless nights and in December and January the twilight during the few hours of daylight is very special.

Each guest has his own sled dog team with 4 to 5 Alaskan Huskies. An enjoyable part of this experience is that our guests personally care for their dogs including their daily feeding. Since we are travelling in real wilderness there is no electricity or running water in the cabins along the trails. Breakfast, dinner and lunch is included for the time of your trip. In the cabins we have gas-heated stoves to cook our meals, but lunch will be usually prepared outside along the trail.

Day 1: Arrival at Kiruna airport/railway station and transfer to the sled dog kennel (standard infrastructure with showers, toilets, WIFI and of course electricity). Here you will have your first dinner and your guide will outline the tour for you and provide you with necessary information, also checking that nobody forgot important things at home.

Day 2. After breakfast you will get to know the basics of dogsledding, handling the sled, harnessing dogs and other knowledge for a safe and enjoyable tour. Prepared for the journey, we pack our sleds and take off towards our wilderness camp. After arrival we will together take care of the dogs, get water from a little creek and prepare dinner. A nice sauna rounds up the day.

Day 3-5. Now on the trail exploring the beauty of Lapland with plenty to see during these tours. Route and lenght of daily stages depend a lot on the weather, trail conditions and wishes of the group: We know that you are on holiday! Distances can vary between 30 – 60 km.

Day 6: At late lunch time day 6 we return to the sled dog kennel to have lunch. The program in the afternoon is optional, but we can transfer you to the Icehotel and the nearby Sami museum for a guided tour or take you on a snowmobile ride (these options are not included in the price).

Day 7. After breakfast it is time to say good bye to dogs and to the staff and you will get a transfer to the airport or railway station.

What you should know

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights / 5 days of dog sledding


Tour 1: 17-12-2017 to 23-12-2017
Tour 3: 14-01-2018 to 20-01-2018
Tour 4: 28-01-2018 to 03-02-2018
Tour 5: 11-02-2018 to 17-02-2018
Tour 6: 25-02-2018 to 03-03-2018
Tour 7: 04-03-2018 to 10-03-2018
Tour 8: 18-03-2018 to 24-03-2018
Tour 9: 30-03-2018 to 05-04-2018


Transfers from and to Kiruna airport or train station

Additional winter clothing (overall, hat, mittens, winterboots) and equipment

Sleeping bag

Full board

2 overnight stays at the sled dog base

4 overnight stays in wilderness camps

Please bring:

Thermal underwear, both long-johns as well as longsleeved shirt

Warm pullovers

Several pairs of warm socks


Suntan lotion and sunglasses (for departures in March and April)

An extra pair of shoes to wear in the cabins in the evening

Rucksack or duffle bag (suitcases don't really fit into the sleds)

Scarf / buff

Maybe a good book to read in the evenings

A liner for the sleeping bags in the cabins and a headtorch

Please keep in mind not to bring clothing made of cotten, as cotten does not keep you warm if getting wet. This is especially important when it comes to socks and thermo underwear! The higher the wool content the better!

Price: 14.950 SEK per person

Min. 2 - max. 6 participants